Gagandeep Singh

Gagandeep Singh is the founding member and ex-Director of FLAME TAO Knoware Private Limited.  An Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Ahmedabad, and a Fellow with Sumedhas Academy of Human Context, Gagan works with global and Indian organizations on Alignment, Strategy, and Organizational Transformation.  He has consulted within the Information Technology industry and the Pharmaceutical industry where organizations are consolidating their global leadership. He is a visiting faculty to IIM Ahmedabad, FLAME, and IMDR Pune, and is a Consultant to National Institute of Design (NID). He also brings in expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, and sales systems. He has been a trainer in the area of management development for many blue-chip companies. Gagan focuses on the processes of organization alignment and culture. Gagan specializes in the areas of Strategy, and Marketing.


Writings by Gagandeep Singh


Organization Development and Alignment

Organization Development and Alignment

Gagandeep Singh, Raghu Ananthanarayanan

This book takes a close look at the underlying axioms of Organization Design and Alignment that have not only proliferated rigid structures and oppressive hierarchies, but have also rendered employees worldwide as mere instruments and dehumanized the organizational context.

By looking at an organizational system as inherently a Tensegrity structure, an architectural paradigm vitalized by Buckminister Fuller, the book offers the reader insights into the dynamic tensions, role-holding, and dialogue possibilities that pervade the modern organization across stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees, and the ecology.