Ryuji Fukuda

Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Ryuji Fukuda is one of the World’s leading experts in the field of industrial engineering, stockless production, and quality improvement. He had a brilliant career with leading Japanese firms, including nearly 30 years at Sumitomo Electric. He has served as a consultant to the Japan Management Association and to major firms in Japan, North America and Europe. In 1978 he was honored with prestigious Deming Prize for his contribution to the field of productivity and quality improvement. He has developed “SEDAC” a team oriented approach to Continuous Systematic Improvement, the P/O matrix – a tool for Policy Deployment and is also one of the originators of the “Stockless Production” system.

Dr. Ryuji Fukuda graduated from the engineering department of Kyoto University in 1954 and entered Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. He served Sumitomo in a number of managerial positions and in 1975 became the Director of the Industrial Engineering department at the company’s head office.

From 1981 through 1992, Dr. Fukuda served on the board of directors and as a General Manager and Advisor for Meidensha Electric Manufacturing Company Ltd. From 1983 to the present he has been an independent management consultant and an advisor to the Japan Management Association.

Dr. Fukuda served as a part-time lecturer on Reliability Engineering in the System Engineering department at Kobe University from 1976 through 1987. He is the author of numerous works that have been translated into many other languages. The books translated into English are Managerial Engineering - Techniques for Improving Quality and Productivity in the Workplace (Productivity Press, 1983), CEDAC - A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement (Productivity Press, 1989) and Building Organizational Fitness – Management methodology for transformation and strategic advantage (Productivity Press, 1997).

His clients include leading companies like Sony, Nikon, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries., Fuji-Xerox, Sumitomo Special Metals, Sumitomo Electric Ind., Alfa-Lancia, Ferrari, Michelin, Fincantieri, Pratt & Whitney, ITT and Volvo.

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